Chaos Limited, the internet discount game store

City of Fountain Valley business license number 987895

This is a small business I run as a service to those friends and acquaintances of mine who are not served by a complete game store. If you have a game store with a complete stock and helpful employees easily accessible to you, I am not in competition with that store. Please patronize them.

However, I do offer a 20% discount and if you are not in California, I don't collect sales tax. For small orders, this is often offset by the cost of shipping and handling. Of course, if you are a local friend of mine, I hand deliver.

I work on demand. You see an ad for a tabletop game you want and send me the name and hopefully product number for it. I tell you the price, you send me the money, and I order the game from the distributor and ship it to you.

I generally work with games that are still in print and generally available (though often not stocked by stores that are not full service). I am not a source for out of print games, though I might have what you want in my personal collection and be willing to part with it, for a collectibles price.

I accept payment in one of three forms.

I do not take credit cards, though of course you can use a credit card with PayPal.

My Mailing Address

Steve Perrin

10091 San Pablo Court

Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Game Company Links

Here are a few links to popular game companies to give you easy access to game names and product numbers.

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